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Sanger Foundation

Sanger Foundation

2022-2023 Classroom Grant Awardees

The Foundation for Sangers Schools has allocated a record $11,250.00 to help teachers with viable classroom projects.  This year, 15 teachers have been awarded up to $750.00 to implement these very exciting projects.

Centerville Elementary
Teacher:  Alejandra Lomeli  
Program: STEAM Corner  

Community Day School
Teacher:  Mark Coffman
Program: Indoor Plant Photosynthesis  

Del Rey Elementary
Teacher:  Traci Tuckers
Program: Family Arts Project  

Fairmont Elementary
Teacher:  Tish Jett
Program: Artificial Intelligence Everywhere  

Hallmark Academy  
Teacher:  Saurina Beach  
Program: Intendant Chemical Reaction Experiment and Research  

Jefferson Elementary
Teacher:  Rhonda Tyler  
Program: Preparing Multilingual Learners for the Future

Lincoln Elementary  
Teacher:  Hannah Johnson  
Program: Coding for Kinder  
Reagan Elementary
Teacher: Tina Kubose  
Program: Math Engagement Project  

Reagan Elementary
Teacher: Haley Walsh  
Program: Career Exploration  

Sanger Academy Charter School  
Teacher:   Silvia Fernandez-Torres
Program:  K-2 Steam Club

Sanger High School
Teacher:  Wyatt Gibson   
Program:  Welding Trailer Project  

Sanger West High School
Teacher:   Jade Martinez  
Program: Flexible Seating  

Teacher:  Kristi Torres
Program: Year Book

Teacher:  Edward Chaney
Program: Reading Corner  

Wilson Elementary  
Teacher:  Dolores Leal-Martinez   
Program: ABC123 – You and Me