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Sanger Foundation

Sanger Foundation

Classroom Grant Awardees

2018/19 Academic Year

The Foundation awarded a total of $5,000 in funding to two school sites. Both projects were designed to benefit the entire school. Funding was made available through the Granville Home of Home campaign.

1.  Stephanie Hetherington from Fairmont Elementary School
Program: Mentor Texts for Writing – TK – 3
Amount: $645.37

This grant will fund teachers using mentor texts as models of good writing for their students to emulate in their own writing. Texts are housed in the literacy specialist teacher's room and made available for check-out by TK-3 teachers as needed.

2.  Nancy Keck from Reagan Elementary School
Program: Social Emotional Opportunities
Amount $722.98

This grant will support the addition of a dramatic play area (kitchen, accessories, table and chairs, and dress up outfits) and sensory table experience area to a TK classroom to enhance opportunities for TK kids to show growth in their social-emotional development.

3.  Meghan Ward from Lone Star Elementary School
Program: Ozobot Project
Amount $750.00

This grant will support the purchasing of mini robots designed to teach coding, innovation, and collaboration in the classroom, which will help them in their problem solving and communication skills.

4.  Samantha Cervantes from Sanger Academy
Program: Speak Up!
Amount $750.00

This grant will support the opportunity to enhance students’ confidence, a podium, microphone, and headsets are needed.  A podium gives students the chance to utilize their presentation skills. Microphones will create a fun and engaging way for students to practice sharing their thoughts with the class without having the fear of not being heard.

5.  Craig Jones from Washington Academic Middle School
Program: Rocket Lab
Amount $750.00

The grant will allow for students to have the opportunity to learn Newton’s laws through real rockets where they calculate the force, mass, and acceleration of individual team rockets. Our team would like to incorporate the engineering practice of NGSS standards where students work in teams to design and build their own rocket prior to flight.

6.  Kenneth Stocks from Sanger High School
Program: Speech Library
Amount $582.96

The grant will support speech students in improving their public speaking skills, practice sessions will be recorded. Exemplary speeches will be stored in order to create a library of various types of speeches to aid in the instruction of new students.

7.  Landin Mello from Sanger High School
Program: Social Studies Showcase
Amount $750.00

The grant will support project-based learning to promote student development in research, collaboration, writing, reading, and speaking skills.