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Sanger Foundation

Sanger Foundation

Excellent in Education Awardees

2019/20 Academic Year

The Foundation allocates $6,000 annually for this effort.  Funding request maybe programmatic, enhanced training opportunities, and pilot projects that are designed to enhance overall student learning A total of three, $2,000 grants are awarded annually.

Sanger Academy 
Program: Cut Your Demo in The Bears Studio!
Students Served: 630
Amount Awarded: $2,000

This grant will fund a recording studio to allow students to record their guitar, band and choir music, and also create original musical content and possibly work with a group to record and produce their own podcast. This will be showcased weekly throughout the school Podcast YouTube Channel.

Del Rey Elementary
Program: Knights are Family

Students Served: 260
Amount Awarded: $2,000

This grant will be used to purchase Lego sets and supplies for a Family Lego Event, the goal to give students and families time to spend working together toward a common goal. These types of activities have been shown to give students a better chance for overall success in school.

Wilson Elementary
Program: Wilson Community Science Workshop

Students Served: 140
Amount Awarded: $2,000

Selected classes will rotate through the workshop in the library with support from the SAM Academy Staff and will be guided to design and build projects allowing them to develop age appropriate skills and to work with a wide range of materials and tools. Each project is designed to help with the sense-making of STEM concepts and careers.