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Sanger Foundation

Sanger Foundation

School Site Grant Awardees

2021-22 Academic Year

The Foundation for Sangers Schools has allocated a record $8,700.00 to help support four school sites with various educational projects.

Del Rey Elementary
Principal:  Pete Munoz
Program: Equity for Dual Classroom Libraries
Amount:  $2,000.00

Fairmont Elementary
Principal:  Jared Savage
Applicant: Meghan Ward
Program:  A Window to the Future
Amount: $700.00

Kings River High School
Principal:  Jon Tilloston
Applicant:  David Kilborn
Program:  CNC and 3D Printer Casting  
Amount: $2,000.00

Principal:  Leo Castillo
Applicant:  Leo Castillo
Program:  Poverty Training  
Amount: $2,000.00

Principal:  Leo Castillo
Applicant:  Melanie Parrent  
Program: Slacklines for a Balanced Life  
Amount: $2,000.00