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Sanger Foundation

Senior Scholarship Award Recipients

2022 Academic Year

The Foundation distributed an incredible $21,500 in Senior Scholarships in 2022. This was made possible with the support of Granville Homes, and individual donors in the community. Please take a moment to learn more about our recipients.

The Foundation distributed a record $21,500 in Senior Scholarships in 2020.  This was made possible with the support of Granville Homes, and individual donors in the community. Please take a moment to learn more about our recipients.

Damian holds a 4.27 GPA and plans to major in biochemistry at UC Berkeley. After applying to eleven colleges and universities, he has been accepted by seven, and is awaiting a response from the remaining four. UC Davis is one of the seven locations where he has been accepted. Damian was awarded the Foundation’s $5,000 student scholarship.

He has played varsity soccer at Sanger High School for three years, participated in the Red Cross Club for two years, and joined the Interact Club for one year. For two years, he has been volunteering directly with the local nonprofit organization, Rest in Peace Matt C, and he spent two years volunteering at Our Lady of Sorrows. During his academic career, he has received multiple awards and honors, including Scholar Athlete, AP Scholar with Honor, the Sanger High Academic “S” Block Award for two years, and he has become a lifetime member of the California Scholarship Federation.

Born and raised in Sanger, Damian plans on returning to his hometown after graduating with his degree in biochemistry. It is in Sanger where he dreams of practicing cardiology with the hope of offering high quality healthcare to the community he loves.

When thinking of his exciting vision for the future, Damian adds, “I wish to not only live my whole life in this beautiful hidden town but most importantly; I wish to give back to the community that made me the person I am today.”

Brianna’s GPA is an impressive 4.46 which places her in the top 1% of her senior class. She plans to major in biomedical engineering at either Cal Poly or UC Irvine. Out of six colleges and universities where she applied, three have already accepted her application, including Cal Poly. Brianna was awarded the Foundation’s $5,000 student scholarship.

The list of extra and co-curricular activities in which Brianna has participated in includes volleyball for six years, robotics for four years, volunteering at the farmers market for three years, and participating in the Femineer Program for three years. She received academic awards for the Sanger High School Design Challenge in 2019 in which she was the winner, the Sanger High Academic Block “S” Award for four years, and the Scholar Athlete Award for two years.

As part of her studies, she designed and fabricated a zero-gravity prototype which she presented to NASA engineers in March of this year. Brianna is excited to graduate as a valedictorian.

In reflecting on how her past has inspired her, she shares, “There have been many wonderful experiences in my lifetime that I have seen the cause and effect of stepping up to a task and taking charge of the priorities of life. My mother and her struggles showed me at a young age that if a task is at hand and no one wants to do it, you must place your doubts and fears to the side and be the person to stand up and make it happen.”

Ryann has a GPA of 4.039 and plans to major in the nursing field. Although she was accepted at the Pre-Health Program at California State University, Fresno, she has also been accepted into the Future Nurses Program at Fresno City College. Along with 19 other pre-nursing students, she will begin the program at Fresno City College in fall of 2022. Ryann was awarded the Foundation’s $3,500 student scholarship.

During her high school career, she has participated in many activities through the Sanger FFA, including acting as a chapter member, chapter officer, livestock member, and floral club member. Beyond her involvement with the FFA, she joined the junior varsity water polo, varsity cheer, and varsity lacrosse teams. Her extensive list of honors and awards includes the Sanger High Academic Block “S” Award for four years, the Scholar Athlete Award for four years, a lifetime membership to the California Scholarship Federation, and various FFA degrees, including the State Degree in 2021 and the Chapter Degree in 2020.

Community service plays a large part in Ryann’s life. After recently completing a week-long youth cheer clinic where she served as a leader, she found passion and joy in becoming a mentor for a young girl.

While explaining her duties as a cheer leader, Ryann states, “I enjoy experiences like these because it is rewarding to serve as a positive role model to other girls, and know I was able to inspire a girl to be proud of herself.”

Emily is the first in her class with a GPA of 4.3. Her planned major is biology with a minor in English and/or psychology. She has already been accepted by California State University, Fresno and UC Merced and is currently awaiting responses from nine other universities. She hopes to attend either UCLA or UC Berkeley if accepted. Emily was awarded the Foundation’s $2,500 student scholarship.

Her academic high school career has included involvement in Sanger High’s Asian Club for four years, the Apache Closet for two years, and HOPE Sanger for one year. These activities saw her become deeply invested in food drives, shoe drives, and additional community events. She has received the Sanger High Academic Block “S” Award all four years in a row.

It is with great love and fondness that Emily spends her time within the community. She aims to spread compassion and gratitude to others and hopes they will do the same.

By striving to impact the world around her, she adds, “I’ve come to recognize how the smiles of others embodies the true essence of humanity. By helping in various events, I’ve been able to appreciate the sheer opaqueness of how kindness is easily translated throughout any human being, no matter their background.”

Shania’s GPA is 4.377 and she plans to major in either marine biology or zoology with a goal of becoming a marine mammologist. She has applied to nine colleges and universities and plans on attending the University of Oregon or CSU Monterey Bay where she will pursue her marine focus. Shania was awarded the Foundation’s $2,500 student scholarship.

She has been a member of many clubs, including Sanger High School’s KNOW MORE Club, Anime Club, Feminist Club, and the GSA Club. For thirteen years, she has served as a Girl Scout, and she is currently a Girl Scout Ambassador. Despite being in high school, she is also dual enrolled in courses at Reedley College. Emily has won the Sanger High Academic Block “S” Award four times and has also been honored with the AP Scholar Award.

By participating in the Girl Scouts for thirteen years, Emily has volunteered her time with prominent organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Valley Animal Center, and the Ronald McDonald House. Helping support food and supply drives for families in need of assistance became a common activity as she worked hard to help make a positive impact for those in her community.

In serving individuals and families who needed help, Shania reflects, “I’ve increased my understanding of important needs in the community, witnessed how systemic and sustainable change occurs in neighborhoods, and developed a greater understanding of how different communities of people can truly make a different in the world.”

Nolen holds a GPA of 4.45 and ranks in the top 1% of his class. He intends on majoring in civil engineering with an emphasis in structural engineering. He has been accepted by California State University, Fresno and will begin his studies in fall of 2022. Nolen was awarded the Foundation’s $1,500 student scholarship.

He has enjoyed playing tennis for four years and has received multiple honors, including valedictorian, three Sanger High Academic Block “S” Awards, two Academic Champion Awards, three Scholar Athlete Awards, and he was a recipient of the CMAC First-Team All-League. He is a California Scholarship Federation lifetime member and was a Fellowship of Christian Athletes member for two years. Rounding out Nolen’s list of accomplishments, he holds dual enrollment in college courses and participated in the program High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware.

Volunteering holds a critical place in Nolen’s heart, and he has spent his time helping the communities of both Sanger and Reedley. In Sanger, he works with the Interact Club, where he has assisted the local Rotary Club. In Reedley, he helped collect food to serve to individuals and families in need of meals during Thanksgiving. Additionally, he worked alongside a teacher where he helped teach faith formation classes to young students.

When considering how volunteering has helped him prepare for his next steps, Nolen adds, “I found myself ecstatic about the growth in the children I worked with. My involvement with religious services in Reedley has helped me to become the best version of myself as well as more social and eager to volunteer in any setting.”

Makayla has a GPA of 4.0 and intends on majoring in biology to help her become an optometrist. Currently, she has applied at five colleges and universities, and has been accepted at two while the three other options remain under review. She will be attending California State University, Fresno where she will study for four years before transferring to UC Berkeley to join their optometry program. Makayla was awarded the Foundation’s $1,500 student scholarship.

In high school, she has actively been involved in marching band, color guard, Health Youth Corps, and the California Scholarship Federation where she is now a lifetime member. Makayla’s list of accomplishments includes the Sanger High Academic Block “S” Award, the Woodwind Award, the Academic Scholar Award, and Perfect Attendance.

Her extracurricular activities have focused on helping her music teacher instruct children in elementary schools. Her involvement in the Health Youth Corps, where she acts as the club’s leader, consists of working with youth so they understand the importance of health.

With a strong desire to contribute to the medical field and help others live a healthier life, she says, “As I have grown older, I have been exposed to countless people who have significantly poor vision. Improving people’s quality of life through the recovery of their sight will make everyday tasks that were once challenging easier, even if the difference is a pair of glasses.”

Agapito has a 4.19 GPA and ranks 21st in his class. He is planning to major in Political Science and has yet to decide among many top Universities to which he has applied. Agapito was awarded the Foundation’s $5,000 student scholarship.

Agapito has been very active in clubs and community service with a variety of interests including NJROTC, where he volunteered with the Sanger parade, Farmer’s Markets and elementary school carnivals; and in Track & Field by helping run youth meets. He also participated in French Club, French Honor Society, Robotics and CSF, and is the recipient of many awards including Academic Block S, Theodore Roosevelt Youth Medal, and Scholar Athlete.  

In addition to his many activities and dedication in giving back to his community, he still finds time, using his lunch hour, to tutor and help other students who may be struggling in their classes – all while maintaining his own outstanding GPA.

Agapito’s family endured great hardship in moving the family to the United States from El Salvador, with him missing an entire year of school and having to learn the English language in the process. He comments that his parents gave up everything to provide a better future for him and his brother, stating, “I hope to change the world because of the opportunities my parents gave me.”
Haidyn has a 4.536 GPA and ranks 2nd in her class. She plans to initially attend California State University, Fresno to earn Bachelor’s Degrees in both Forensic Criminology and Psychology, then on to pursue both Master’s and Doctorate Programs in Criminology. Haidyn was awarded the Foundation’s $4,000 student scholarship.

In addition to her academic achievements, Haidyn has been actively involved in student government, Varsity Girls’ water polo, Sanger City Youth Council, Interact Club, Green Team Club, and FFA. More than just participating, she has also been awarded recognition and praise for her efforts in these organizations.

She has demonstrated her commitment to improving her community, and the ability to be a strong leader and example to others, through her efforts from coordinating monthly forums with the mayor to plan events and promote local community service while acting as Chair of The City of Sanger’s Youth Council; to her work with the Green Team Club in completing multiple beautification and fundraising projects that served to benefit and preserve the environment.
Emily has a 4.326 GPA and ranks 7th in her class. She plans to attend Grand Canyon University in Arizona to pursue a Master’s Degree in Christian Studies with an emphasis on World Missions, and a minor in Worship Leadership. Emily was awarded the foundation’s $3,000 student scholarship.

Emily has accomplished not only achieving a very high academic level, but also found time to participate in Varsity Lacrosse, Basketball, Golf, and Volleyball (many of which receiving awards), and also being an outstanding member of the Apache Symphonic Band, receiving awards in 2017 as Most Outstanding Musician for Sanger High School Band, and Outstanding Performance Award in San Joaquin Jazz Festival.

She additionally volunteered extensively with her church as a Worship Leader, Youth Group Leader, Nursery Worker and Food Drive Organizer, and participated in 2 short term mission trips – to Erseke, Albania to run a children’s summer camp, and to Sumpango, Guatemala to build a house for an orphaned child. Emily states, “I believe that one of the most important qualities anyone can possess is to simply show up.” She has demonstrated to all of us just how big of an impact we can make by doing so.
Audrey has achieved a 4.1 GPA and ranks 38th in her class. She plans to initially attend Reedley College in the fall to begin her classes in general education, then transfer to California State University, Fresno to complete her degree in the field of Animal Science. Audrey was awarded one of the foundation’s $2,500 student scholarships.

In addition to helping in all aspects of her parents’ ranching outreach, Abundant Life Ranch, Audrey has still found time and energy to contribute tirelessly through her participation in various clubs, acting as Vice President with 4-H Club, FFA, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and is also a member of both the French Honors Society and California Scholarship Federation (CSF).  

Abundant Life Ranch works with children and adults in overcoming trauma or difficult life events through the use of horses, and she feels it has been an honor to help those she has met in working through their life struggles and seeing their lives changed. She plans to work as a Ranch Manager and help in maintaining livestock with a long-term goal of becoming a productive contributor and impactful influencer in the agricultural world.
Amberly has a 4.174 GPA and ranks 24th in her class. She plans to attend California State University, Fresno to pursue a degree in Nursing, with a long-term goal of achieving her Doctorate of Science in Nursing. Amberly was awarded one of the foundation’s $2,500 student scholarships.

Amberly has been proactive in her career path by already enrolling in a Certified Nurse Assistant program, where she has gained hands on experience in a nursing home. Additionally, she has participated in both community and school activities including Cross Country and Track & Field where she has been awarded with 4 Scholar Athlete certificates, has earned her lifetime member status with the California Scholarship Federation, and helped with Christmas and Thanksgiving Food Drives.

She describes her experience working in the nursing home as a way to honor the mothers and fathers in her community who have paved the way for her future and are the most deserving of our time and help, and providing care for them has allowed her to become closer with her community, and learn that being a part of a community is all about helping one another.

Miguel has a 3.660 GPA and ranks 129th in his class. His planned major is in Architecture and he will be attending California State University, Fresno in the fall. Miguel was awarded one of the foundation’s $1,500 student scholarships.

He is an exceptional student who has contributed countless hours of time volunteering, from Farmer’s Markets and many school carnivals, to his substantial contribution to the Sanger High School Robotic team. His participation in robotics has helped him learn skills in construction, welding, electrical, personal relations, Photoshop, video editing and he says most importantly – Leadership – allowing him to teach and inspire others.

Miguel expresses his deep appreciation for this scholarship, sharing “With the help of this scholarship, I will continue to grow and strive for greatness to accomplish my goals of becoming an Architect and helping others.
Kyana has a 4.528 GPA and is ranked 3rd in her class.  She plans to major in Food Science, with a possible double major in either Business, Environmental Science or Philosophy. She has not yet made a final decision on where to attend, but her first choice would be Vanderbilt University. Kyana was awarded one of the foundation’s $1,500 student scholarships.

For the last 4 years, Kyana has been an active member of Assisteens, a nationally accredited Assistance League, with over 100 high school students who come together to make a difference in their communities. She has volunteered over 500 hours serving at a homeless shelter, making boxes for shut-in seniors, and distributing food on Thanksgiving, among many other activities as well.

The Assistance League also operates a Thrift Store, which Kyana took on the role of Chair in her sophomore year. She shares that it was a tremendous amount of work, but she loved it and knew she was the right person for the job. She worked hard to develop a program there that would continue to thrive, even after she was gone. She dedicates so much time to volunteering because she really wants to make a difference, and knows that each task, no matter how small it may seem, does.
Madeline has a 3.477 GPA and ranks 222nd in her class. Her planned major is Animal Science, Pre-Veterinary Medicine and she’ll be attending California State University, Fresno this fall, then eventually to UC Davis to earn a Degree of Veterinary Medicine Madeline was awarded one of the foundation’s $1,500 student scholarships.

Madeline has been very active in school government and held positions as Freshman Class Secretary, Sophomore Class Representative at Large, Junior Class President and ASB President. She says she really enjoys being involved in student government because it has allowed her to serve her community and be the voice of her fellow students and help resolve problems.

She endured a very difficult time in 4th grade when her parents divorced. She became depressed and lost all interest in school or any activities. Then her freshman year she discovered the Leadership program, and everything changed, sharing that it brought so much joy and happiness back into her life. She expressed, “I will always be thankful for Sanger High School and all of the people who have helped shaped my future, because if it wasn’t for this, I’m not sure I’d be the same person I am today.”